E-mail Marketing: Lesser-Known Benefits

Throughout the years, e-mail marketing has fallen a bit out of favor—thanks to the new innovations and trends in marketing that favor flashier, cleverer, and more straightforward approaches to promotion. (Admit it, we’ve all fallen for the lure of targeted ads at one point). It’s sad how many now consider e-mail marketing a relic—and not for nothing; more often than not these e-mails are routed directly to the spam folder without ever being opened.

E-mail marketing may no longer be considered trendy in today’s world anymore. But just because something isn’t hip doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any merits. E-mail marketing can still pack a punch if you know how to utilize it.

So before you dismiss it as a thing of the past, consider these lesser-known benefits of e-mail marketing that you may just be missing out on.


Customer intimacy

Since e-mail marketing relies on some level of participation from its recipients, it fosters a sense of intimacy between you and your targeted audience. Sure, it isn’t always guaranteed and it requires a measure of finesse to pull off. But when done correctly you reap major rewards from it and ultimately gain a lasting relationship between you and your clients. 

Moreover, this kind of marketing allows you to be creative. It gives you a chance to personalize your message. At the end of the day, we all want a personal touch in all our interactions; e-mail marketing hones in on this aspect of human connection.


Instant gratification

Everything about e-mail marketing is fast. You don’t need to spend hours in order to get into the nuts and bolts of e-mail marketing to be able to do it successfully. Learning it can be easy and straightforward. Sending them out is even faster. Not only that, it almost takes no time to measure the result of your campaigns through e-mail marketing software. Once you know what’s working and what isn’t, you can adjust accordingly. 


Organic promotion

Have you ever found yourself listening to your favorite podcast, and then you’re being sold a product and you didn’t even realize it until the last second? That’s the power of great delivery combined with a great message. E-mail marketing has the power to subtly promote yourself without it being too on the nose or being a hard-sell. It is human nature to respond well to things that come organically than to those that are forced upon us. This is an often-overlooked advantage e-mail marketing has over others.


Drives traffic to your website 

The beauty of e-mail marketing is that it is not designed to stay in your audience’s inboxes. A great e-mail marketing message is designed with links and buttons and banners. Which redirects the customer back to your page, hence driving traffic to your website, and in turn introduces you to more potential customers.

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