Good VS Great Content Writers

It’s no secret that content is the backbone of every great social media platform; without quality content, it will be harder for you to reach your targeted audience, and in the process your business goals. Everything hinges on quality content, but the truth of the matter is that not everyone has access to it simply because most businesses are content with having good writers on board, not knowing that they could have great ones.


Here’s what a good content writer looks like.

A good content writer understands your brand and produces copy that reflects that brand personality. They tell your audience what they need to know, and they try to engage potential customers with different tricks in the proverbial book. They write copy that casts a wide net with the aim of reaching as many potential customers as possible.

Good content writers are consistent, reliable, and efficient.

You see, there is nothing inherently wrong with a good content writer. In fact, having a content writer in the first place is a sign that you’re headed in the right direction. However, you don’t necessarily have to settle for good when you can have something that is much better.


On the other hand, great content writers are quite a different specimen.

Great writers are storytellers at heart. Instead of telling your audience a laundry list of reasons why they should buy your products and services, great writers show them instead why they should care about your brand. 

They write engaging copy as a byproduct of their keen understanding of your targeted audience. Great content writers are not necessarily experts in creative writing or literature, but they are experts in the particular field for which they are writing. They don’t always push out massive amounts of content in the hope that someone somewhere will resonate with it; they write compelling copy about what they know the target audience is interested in. Great writing, after all, is concise writing.

Great writers have the ability to breathe life into otherwise boring or uninteresting topics. They don’t have to “sell” your products; their stories coax, persuade, and convince the customer into buying.  

Most importantly, great content writers don’t merely, mindlessly push out content—they also help you achieve business objectives. Every article and blog post they write always has an end goal of helping the business reach its goals: whether it’s increased user engagement, better website traffic, or more sales.

Don’t mistake great content writers with high-quality writing. Of course, there is some element of that in their writing, but you are not looking for Nobel prize quality articles here. In other words, great content writers are simply purpose-driven. The content they write adds value to your company.


So what’s the bottom line?

Content writers are an essential component of any online platform, but not all of them write great content. If you want to push your business to the next level, find yourself a great content writer. Believe us when we say they can literally transform your business.

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