IG Activ

From: AUD$18.00 / week

Price: $3.30 / hour

  • Grow your instagram following and increase audience engagement 
  • This is done by assigning personnel to your IG account to perform up to 1000 actions a day.
  • You provide us with the kind of audience you want to attract and we go out and bring them to you
  • You will provide a list of target accounts and hashtags, these accounts will be ones with an audience that you wish to attract, such as a competitor or a similar but larger account.
  • IG-activ personnel  will log into a your IG account and use the “following” list of the provided target accounts or hashtags, 
  • Our staff will Like, Comment and Follow with the intent of increasing IG following and engagement on the clients account.
  • We have a strict set of guidelines so that we attract the right kind of audience and grow your account as fast as possible with no risk of bans or lost accounts.