Why Are Australians Outsourcing to the Philippines?

Outsourcing to the Philippines | The outsourcing industry in the Philippines is a fast-growing one – and for good reason. It’s providing jobs to 1.2 million Filipinos while helping businesses get on track in the competitive Australian markets. Here are some reasons why Australians are outsourcing to the Philippines.

Similar Time Zones

Australia is only 2 hours ahead of the Philippines. As a result, Australians prefer Filipinos is because of the similar time zones.

Additionally, the distance between you and your outsourced team might need some significant adjustments to the way you communicate. A similar time zone can help tremendously in the quality and frequency of communication.

Reduced Cost, Increased Efficiency

The cost of living in the Philippines (PH) is a lot lower than in Australia (with an exchange rate of 1AUD to 38PHP). Therefore, standard rates for outsourced Filipino workers allow them access to a comfortable lifestyle.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about overhead costs, legal matters, employee benefits, and all the attached fees when you hire in-house. In short, an outsourced employee does the same tasks for a whole lot less cost!

First-rate Work Ethic

The Philippines has long been known for its work ethic. Their hard work and passion for skill mastery are recognized all over the world. 

Expect only hard work and dedication from a Filipino employee. 

Excellent Communication Skills

For Australians and Filipinos, there is no language barrier. They use English in everyday conversations, in official business and government documents, and in educational resources. As a result, communication is far easier and convenient. 

Compared to other countries that outsource like India and Korea, the Philippines has a neutral English accent which makes communicating a lot easier. 

A Toxic-free Work Environment

Filipinos are also known for their hospitality, and this transcends to their work ethic. 

Above all, Filipinos treat their bosses, co-workers, and colleagues like family. This leads to better output, improved productivity, and stronger relationships with you and your staff. 

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Outsourcing to the Philippines

The median age in the Philippines is 25 years old. These young and enthusiastic individuals are ready to learn and commit to work! Likewise, they know how to access a multitude of resources, learn new technology and software, and adapt to different work cultures.

Five out of 8 Filipinos in the outsourcing industry are aged below 30 years old.  In other words, they are well-versed in social media tools and strategies.

To sum up, hiring a social media manager from the Philippines might just be your saving grace.

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