Why a Virtual Assistant is Better than a Traditional One

Virtual Assistant | There’s no secret a virtual assistant can help you in more ways than one – but so can a traditional one. There’s been a long debate about which of the two are more beneficial for the business in the long run. So, we’ve outlined 6 reasons why a virtual assistant is better than a traditional one! 

You Don’t Need to Spend on a Full-time Salary and Benefits

Hiring a non-traditional employee means dissolving the usual subsidizing expenses. If you’re a small business just starting out, it might be difficult to provide full benefits to your employees. Common expenses include but are not limited to:


  • Payroll taxes
  • Healthcare
  • Sick pay
  • Bereavement pay
  • Life insurance
  • Professional development
  • Dental insurance
  • Vacation pay
  • Holiday pay
  • Travel costs


This is a very simplified list of the expenses you’d have to pay when hiring full-time. Of course, this isn’t to say that virtual assistants don’t deserve benefits, it’s only because they’re hired on a contract or project basis. This means employers aren’t required to give them full benefits as long as they’re being paid fair compensation during the project duration! 

You Don’t Have to Provide Them Overhead Space

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, you also don’t have to equip virtual assistants for work. 

You don’t need to find them an office, or physical working space! 


This is most beneficial for work-from-home business owners who don’t have traditional office spaces. Sure, maybe you have a designated space at home to work, but just one more person could easily cramp up the space. Plus, you’d be inviting someone into your own home, which isn’t always the safest of choices. Additionally, this can also be useful for those with tinier offices! 


Even if you were able to find a designated space, you’d still have to spend on office supplies – a computer, a desk, a swivel chair, a scanner, a printer, a phone, and so on. And those expenses stack up! 


Virtual assistants shouldn’t be a burden – they should be a solution! By relieving yourself of these expenses, you can take the burden off your shoulders. 

There’s No Need for a Complicated Hiring Process

Hiring someone full-time is a long and debilitating process. First, you need to advertise the position across multiple platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, JobStreet, etc.). And then, you have to screen the resumes, interview the candidates, and make a formal offer to someone. 


This is a very daunting and time-consuming task. For a small business owner who only has 24 hours in a day – do you really want to spend hours just looking for one employee? On the other hand, hiring an employee can be a real risky business – that’s why they have Human Resources to do extensive research and background checks. If you’re working solo, like a real estate agent or a consultant, this could be a colossal waste of time. 


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Outsourcing companies like Digital Offsider help you speed up the entire process. Instead of you interviewing candidates, Digital Offsider interviews you so that we can understand your needs. By doing so, we’re able to assign you a virtual assistant that matches your work needs, working hours, and even personality. 


On another note, you also don’t have to fire a virtual assistant like a traditional employee. If you find that the VA we matched you with isn’t working out, you can simply ask for a replacement. No more dramatic HR run-ins. As long as you are transparent and professional about why you want a replacement, Digital Offsider would be happy to help you. 

You Can Adjust Working Hours According to Your Needs

Traditional employees usually work 40 hours a week, with the regular 9 am to 5 pm schedule. If you need them beyond that time, you’d have to pay for overtime. But do we really use up the entire 40 hours at work actually working? And does all work require the same amount of time? 


With a virtual assistant, you can adjust the time in increments, depending on your needs. Say, for example, you need your VA to answer emails early in the morning, but you don’t have much work left for them until again in the early evening to encode paperwork for the day.


In summary, your virtual assistant’s schedule is flexible towards YOUR needs. 

You Don’t Need to Get Chummy

I understand fostering a healthy work environment is important in any workplace. However, spending company time and resources on team building or work retreats can be less beneficial for small business owners. Furthermore, chit-chat at the office can stack up, or worse, professional gets mixed with the personal. 


One of the common questions asked about hiring virtual assistants is “how do you monitor an employee without the proximity of an office space?” In this setup, your VA has regular pre-prepared written reports to keep you up to date, and a daily track record for tasks. This allows both of you to be laser-focused on the work. As a result, things are getting done quicker and more efficiently.  

You Get to Focus on What Only You Can Do

With all that being said, the main takeaway is for you. As a business owner, you get to focus on what only you can do. Without the hassles of extra expenses, overload admin work, and menial stress triggers. 


There are many things you can do that other can’t. No one negotiates contracts as you do. No one makes the sales pitch, or creates new products like you do. You need to focus on the aspect of your business you’re good at and delegate the rest. 


A good rule of thumb is if you can teach someone else to do the task, you shouldn’t spend your time doing it. Outsource the rest to a virtual assistant! 


Find the Right Virtual Assistant Today

Depending on your unique business needs, and the amount of time needed, a virtual assistant’s service is completely customizable. 


The bottom line is they can offer you the same benefits with much more flexibility and reach than a conventional employee. They aren’t just employees, they’re a solution to your business problems. 

Match with a virtual assistant today through  Digital Offsider.

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