What Can a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do For Your Business? | Perth

Real Estate Virtual Assistant | A real estate virtual assistant is one of the most versatile employees in the industry. Self-employed business owners have sought digital outsourcing solutions. Here’s what a real estate virtual assistant can do for your business!

What is a real estate virtual assistant (VA)?

A real estate virtual assistant (VA) acts as a business admin, receptionist, and personal assistant for the real estate agent. They offer a variety of services with flexible hours and hiring rates. For instance, you can delegate almost any business task to the VA from organizing your calendar to marketing campaigns to maintaining your social media accounts. 

Likewise, you can delegate any task to the VA to help you get through your to-do list faster – granted they don’t need a real estate license to do it!  

Your online listings managed

Managing online listings is one of the top reasons real estate agents in Perth are hiring VAs.  When you juggle projects, clients, and deadlines all at once, it can get a little hectic. As a result, VAs are trained to handle all of that. 

Some of the tasks you can delegate to keep your business running smoothly are: 

  • Data entry and organization of your CRM and MLS
  • Collect and present feedback from your clients
  • Create a comprehensive to-do list on your presentations, meetings, and client follow-ups
  • Manage contracts and other documents
  • Schedule showing and services (photographers, food, home stagers)

Efficiency in your email

Emails can get messy. But when done right, your email can be a powerful tool. Build customer relationships, keep up to date with competitors, and stay in the loop within your industry. 

Firstly, a VA can apply specific tags, filters, and personalized organizing systems to your email. Moreover, they can integrate your email invites direct to your calendar, professionalize your email format, and set up automatic replies. Additionally, your VA can also set up email networking platforms like Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Aweber for you! 

Systemize your calendar

Perhaps your calendar resembles your email – in that it’s always cluttered! As a result, we might not be able to efficiently track our events and deadlines.  

The consequences of a cluttered calendar can be grave.  Imagine the stress of missing a meeting with a big client just because it got flooded by a bunch of other unimportant things. So leave your calendar to your administrative assistant. 

They’ll book and schedule your appointments, meetings, and interviews. Moreover, you can ask to update your personal calendar (upon agreement). Consequently, you have an integrated calendar for your work and personal life. 

How to hire a real estate virtual assistant

Hiring one is the easy part! Digital Offsider offers digital outsourcing solutions for real estate agents in Perth. 

In conclusion, Virtual Assistants are well-equipped for the real estate industry. They’ll manage your online listings, update your calendar, organize your email, and follow up on your clients. 

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