Administrative Assistants Can Help Manage Your Work Stress

How can Administrative Assistants help manage stress from a small business ownership?  Stress can have real repercussions in our work lives. As small business owners, the sources of stress can seem infinite, and the ways to manage them are scarce. Below are some top causes of stress and how Administrative Assistants can help you overcome it. 


According to the American Psychological Association, “working hard should not be confused with overworking at the expense of relationships and physical health.” 

You don’t have to worry about repetitive admin tasks


One of the top causes of stress for small business owners is admin tasks! Single-handedly managing your company can give you very little time to relax and be with your family. Delegating to an Administrative Assistant can only be beneficial.


Administrative assistants will take care of all data entry, recording minutes of your meetings, audio, and video content. They can also send quotations and sort invoices on a regular basis. 


You’ll always have an updated calendar 

Encoding a new entry in a calendar is a task too many of us forget. But the consequences are very grave – imagine missing a meeting with a big client just because you forgot to put it on your calendar. We get it though, business owners are known to be chronic multitaskers, and things often fly off their heads. 


Leave your calendar to your administrative assistant. They’ll book and schedule your appointments, meetings, and interviews. You can also ask them to update your personal calendar (upon agreement) so that both your work and life activities are streamlined into an integrated calendar. 


“Email management” like it’s never been done before

Gmail can get messy. Important messages can get flooded over by less necessary ones like newsletters or random announcements. Gmail has a lot of features that could help you organize, but you might not have the time to set it up. 


Chances are, your administrative assistant knows a thing or two about organizing GMail. They can apply specific tags, filters, and organizing systems in your Gmail to make it efficient. They can also integrate your event invites directly into your calendar. You can also ask them to follow-up emails to your employees or clients. 


Furthermore, they can also set up mail networking platforms like Mailchimp, Newsletter, and Aweber for you! 

You’ll finally have a system for your database

Your databases for your professional and personal contact lists, customer relationship management, list of potential leads, sources, competitors, and even audits are all things your administrative assistant can help you with.


Having a well-prepared database comes in handy. When pulling up contacts or leads, it’s so convenient to look them up in an organized database. 


Multitask less, work better

There’s a notion that multitasking might be the same as being productive – increasing workloads and time constraints might pressure us to do so. But in reality, multitasking lessens your ability to focus on a task at hand, and thus depletes the quality of your work. Delegating to an administrative assistant can help you focus on the right things, without compromising deadlines or delaying work projects. 

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