5 Business Problems Virtual Assistants Can Instantly Fix

Business owners face a whole lot of business problems! Believe us when we tell you that Virtual Assistants are here to help. We’re not saying they’re superheroes or special agents – but they do have a lot of tools in their belt. Here are five common problems virtual assistants can instantly fix!


A messy, outdated calendar

Virtual assistants can easily organize your calendar. You can even specify if you prefer color-coding, block entries, or any way to systemize your view. There are also a lot of software out there that offer good features for calendars, but the most common would be Google Calendar. 


Virtual assistants know a thing or two about calendar organization, and they’ll customize it the way you want. You’ll never have to miss a meeting or overwhelm yourself with a cluttered calendar!

Lack of connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for any business owner. You get to connect with prospective employees and collaborators. As well as monitor your competitors. 


A virtual assistant can improve your LinkedIn connections by keeping up-to-date with the people in your industry. You can also delegate to them the responsibility of obliging the rest of your employees to connect with you and each other on LinkedIn. That way, your network grows and you’re able to market using LinkedIn as well. 

A boring social media page

Every business has a story to tell. When people ask you, “why did you start your business” I’m sure you have a well-prepared, heartwarming speech prepared. A backstory that inspired your journey as a small business owner. But what if, your social media page doesn’t reflect the uniqueness of your narrative? 


Social media is a very important tool to market your business online. If your story isn’t being told properly, it could be detrimental to your business. Virtual assistants can help you create a content calendar that will engage your audience, and target prospective customers. 

Non-existent website traffic

If you’ve invested a lot in your website but it’s not garnering the kind of attention you expected it to, chances are it’s not Search Engine Optimized or SEO. SEO can drive the right traffic to your website, and these people will most likely be customers. 


A virtual assistant can help you optimize your website – from your copy, content, to the descriptions in the photos. 

Stress from customer support

If you find it difficult to deal with an abundance of customer concerns, you can also delegate this to your virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can handle basic customer service concerns, such as replying to emails, private messages, or comments. 

However, if you’re launching a full-blown e-commerce website through Instagram, we highly recommend a Social Media Manager to fully establish your online presence. Otherwise, a virtual assistant can kickstart things up for you. 


A virtual assistant can help you in many ways. Contact us at Digital Offsider today and let us know how our Virtual Assistants can help you. 



Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

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