Email Marketing: Does it still matter?

Don’t be fooled. Email may seem a bit “old fashioned” compared to its fast-paced social media counterparts, but it remains a very successful tool for marketing. Read more to understand how it works and why it remains relevant in the online marketplace!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is any form of an email sent out to promote a product or service, while simultaneously developing relationships with current and potential clients. 

That’s a lot of big words, but I promise it’s not that difficult! Basically, any email you send out to a customer, whether it’s announcing a new product, or just checking in to say hi, is a form of email marketing. However, confirmation of transactions or responses to queries isn’t considered email marketing – that’s customer support. 

Email marketing, when done properly, can strengthen the relationship you have with your clients or potential ones. Email keeps your customers informed about your business. You can also optimize your messages in order to target specific individuals. A fun simple tip is to add your recipient’s name at the beginning of your email. This makes a huge difference in customer relationships. I mean, wouldn’t you feel special seeing your name in an email? 

How does it work?

Email marketing is easy, accessible, and very inexpensive. It’s great marketing for small businesses, but bigger institutions also benefit from this tool. 

One way to utilize email is through a newsletter. You can add a newsletter sign up option on your website that pops out every time people open a page, where they can willingly sign up to be a recipient. Let them know right up that you offer something valuable to them. 

You can also include a “free” giveaway for any new sign up. For example, an online fitness trainer will offer you a free ebook on meal planning for every new subscriber!

Having a regular newsletter is a simple and effective way to keep your audience interested and engaged with your business. Always remind them of the value that you can offer them.

However, be careful with email content. You might end up triggering spam filters, and the audience will never get to see your cool email updates. 

How is email marketing still relevant?

Although we might be tempted to rely on social media for our advertising and marketing, email isn’t something you should skip out on.

Statistics don’t lie. Email marketing conversion rates are at 2.3%, while social media is only at 1%. That’s kind of like saying for every 100 people you sell to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined, you sell 230 more to people who receive your email! 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should opt for only email campaigns and quit the rest of social media. Using the two hand-in-hand should be your way of staying relevant across your platforms. Email just provides a more personalized and direct way to send more useful information to your audience. 

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