Email marketing: what can EDMs do for your business?

So you learned about Facebook ads, keywords, SEO, all that online marketing fuss, and don’t get me wrong, all of that information are very interesting and useful, but email marketing is in a world of its own.

Aside from all these online selling and engagement techniques, you can dig deeper and get a little more technical information that isn’t necessarily for online engagement, but also for data and future analysis.

So let’s talk about Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) and how you can apply it using Mailblasts and Newsletters. 

(Don’t worry, this is all beginner-friendly!)


Nope. It’s not Electronic Dance Music. 

EDM in marketing stands for Electronic Direct Mail. It’s the process of communicating to an audience using multiple forms. Email, social media engagement, offline advertising, content creation, etc.

The main goal of an EDM is to build brand loyalty and convert sales.

EDMs are often interchanged with the term Email Marketing Campaign, which is false. An Email Marketing Campaign is strictly the strategy used for sending emails to your customers or potential customers (like special offers, or “we’ve missed you!” messages).

In short, an email marketing campaign is a form of an EDM. Adding email campaigns to your marketing strategy is highly encouraged, because it’s a much more intimate and personalized form of marketing, compared to traditional ads.

Here are a few ways to take advantage of Electronic Direct Mail for your marketing campaign.

Try out mailblasts

A mailblast is sending a single email to a large email list all at once, and you can choose to use this for your email marketing campaign. This can be very useful for important announcements you want to send to all your clients/potential clients. However, use it mindfully; people don’t normally like to be on the receiving end of a blast. 

We would suggest categorizing your email list into their demographics (age, gender, region), so as to create separate copy for each, and it makes it sound a bit more personalized. In the end, you have to make sure you’re giving them useful information so you won’t get labeled as spam.

Send Regular Newsletters

An email newsletter is a way to directly communicate about your product or service to people subscribed to your company newsletter. That means, in order for them to receive your updates, they must first willingly sign up as a recipient of your emails.

Newsletters are used in many different ways and are a great way to bring in more traffic, leads, and creating a bigger following.  The newsletter is an easy and inexpensive way to advertise your content and to retain your audience. 

Utilize your newsletter by sending out updates for new releases, exclusive deals, and discounts to your subscribers. If you can, try using endearing visuals and even animations, instead of opting for plain text. 

Of course, all your email advertisements would be useless if it never gets to your recipient’s inbox. Make sure to keep your content written properly, avoiding anything that might trigger spam filters!

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