Five Common Mistakes to Avoid in Bookkeeping

As a business owner, it is just right to be wary of your business decisions. After all, you know that whatever choice you make determines the direction of your business. Beginning with bookkeeping, your business should avoid the smallest errors and details that go unnoticed. 


You will put your business down the drain with repetitive blunders in bookkeeping that will consequently cost you more money and resources. If allowed to worsen, this might also bring down the whole business. 


Allow us to share with you five common bookkeeping mistakes that businesses should avoid. 

Putting Off Bookkeeping for Later

Numero Uno on the list is to not delay your bookkeeping responsibilities. Yes, procrastinating sounds tempting, but know that doing so would lead to a bigger business conflict. Bigger expenses, tight schedule, financial fraud – these are just some of the business problems you’ll get if you’ll put off your bookkeeping until the very last minute. 


You can avoid this by identifying a fixed schedule within the business year to work on the books. Doing it an hour monthly is more efficient than rushing your reports and submission in one busy day. 

Doing Everything by Yourself

Nope. You are not saving money by doing the bookkeeping yourself. Unless you are a professional bookkeeper, bookkeeping is not recommended to be done especially by a business owner like you. You have multiple things in mind to worry about that doing bookkeeping together with these things will just be bewildering and overwhelming. Doing bookkeeping in the said state is counter-productive plus you’ll be more prone to committing errors in your books. This, in fact, will cost you more money and complications in the long run.

Not Outsourcing a Professional Bookkeeper

In the same way that you cannot assume a bookkeeper position just because you are trying to save money, you can’t also pass this task to your inexperienced staff. Staff with different expertise, though skilled as your employee, may not do well in bookkeeping given the lack of training and the divided focus as well. It is better to have someone separate from the team, so the focus on the task will be guaranteed. This will also be cost-efficient as they won’t require getting included in your monthly or weekly payroll. There won’t be additional taxes to pay, additional insurance to include. 

Guessing your way around an accounting software

Accounting Softwares offer a huge help in your bookkeeping needs. But, if you don’t know how to use one, you’ll just be messing up with the records and will just waste time trying to figure out what to do. Skip this level of bookkeeping and have an expert walk you through it himself. In fact, you better have someone who will use it to work on your bookkeeping needs instead. 

Not separating Personal from Business Expenses

A good bookkeeper would know better the difference between business expenses and personal purchases. But given that you’re trying to work things yourself, this would be unavoidable. Having a professional and a separate bookkeeper will help you prevent this and better manage your petty and business cash. They will have the distinction of your budget and will have a clearer mindset to work on your finances. 


As a major takeaway, there is only one thing to be said: Have an expert do the job. 


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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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