Instagram Marketing: 5 IG Buying Triggers that Really Work!

Instagram marketing is a great place to get the word about your business out. It’s the third most popular social media platform and creating a profile is absolutely free. You can take further steps to elevate your selling opportunities on one of the best platforms out there by using these 5 triggers.



A common reply to an Instagram image. You should aim to create content that your viewers will love. There are also variants to this like, “love, love, love” which are also pretty common, or a string of heart emojis that add a pop of color to your reply section. Having people reply “love” to your posts can create an instant chain reaction from other followers.


Engaging your customers doesn’t always necessarily mean to just reply to comments and messages. It also means involving your followers in advocating for the success of your business. Providing an inside look or a behind-the-scenes view to your followers can increase their level of involvement as if they were, too, a part of your team.


Having a reason to buy 

Giving your prospects an excuse to purchase makes them feel good about their decision. This excuse can come in many forms such as a 24-hour sale, a 50% off promo, or a buy one get one free offer. It also works for non-purchase related actions on Instagram like follower engagement. By using the “ask me” feature on Instagram stories, you are giving your followers a reason to talk and build relationships with you.


Being engaged in a story

Storytelling has been one of human’s primary tools of communication since the beginning of time. People always want to listen to a good story, and you can use this to your advantage. You can include people’s testimonies on their journey using your product or service. Make sure to captivate followers using appropriate images, videos, and good copywriting!


Instant gratification

Last but not least, people have a strong desire for things that will make them instantly happy. We all know the feeling of an impulse purchase that’s just too hard to deny! You can use this to your benefit by using keywords such as “once in a lifetime opportunity” “one-of-a-kind” “exclusive” and “limited edition.” 


If you want to find out more about Instagram buying triggers, author Jason Miles wrote a great comprehensive book on Instagram marketing called Instagram Power. Be sure to check it out! 

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