Managing Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Now that you’ve launched your marketing campaign on social media, it’s also crucial that you learn to maintain its growth. Here are the top things you need to know about managing your social media marketing. 


Results take time

The first thing to remember is that results take time! No overnight successes here. Progress is usually slow and gradual. Your campaign must be executed with consistency! Don’t be discouraged when you feel like things are going too slow. You’ve only just begun the first stages and you have a long way to go and plenty of space to improve. 

Creating content takes even MORE time

The time invested for content development is 60 times more than creating your content plan, posting, measuring, and engaging online. You and your team are investing a lot of time in content creation. May it be through your copywriter, photographers, graphic designers, video directors, etc., but the payoff is huge.


Having skilled professional writers and designers will speed up your content creation and improve its quality. They’ll see to it that the content planned for your social media sees through and even suggest some alternatives. 

Measure your progress

Measure your efficiency, performance, and progress. Social media sites offer many useful tools and it’s all about using them to your advantage. Here are some sites that offer metric tools and what they can provide you. 

  • Facebook Insights – track organic and paid performances on your page (likes, unlikes, paid likes, reach, engagement rate, impressions, and demographic information).
  • LinkedIn Analytics – measures page performance for organic and paid brand actions, clicks, likes, comments, and shares. Visitors can be tracked by page views with visitor demographics including their industry, company, size, and function.
  • Twitter analytics – measures paid and organic performance. Measures total tweets, impressions, profile visits, followers, engagement rate, link clicks, retweets, likes, and replies. It also provides demographic and consumer behavior.
  • Instagram Insights – details the metrics on how people are viewing your content whether they are paid or organic. Likes, comments, saved, reach, engagement, and video views, along with gender, age, and location information are provided.

Other websites offer metric tools too like YouTube, Pinterest, and WordPress. By now, you should have been able to choose the platforms you’ll be using for your business. 

Hire a social media manager

Social Media Managers know all about the art of strategizing and executing social media content. That includes photos, captions, SEO, and the schedule of posting. They can keep your campaign on schedule and assure the best quality.


For example, in Digital Offsider, we’re set to build you a weekly content strategy that features your brand’s personality, all your services, engaging content, and just some fun things to share with your audience!


A social media manager will help you out on executing your marketing plan to its success and suggest solutions along the way. They should also be able to foresee challenges that might happen and guide your online marketing campaign in the right direction.

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