Social media managers: What do they do?

Social media managers have quickly become an integral part of any organization. Social media has changed the entire landscape of meeting new people and building relationships, and the same goes for businesses and their customers!

SocMed Managers in one sentence

Social Media Managers oversee the strategy and execution of a company’s social media channels.

Any of us can put our thumbs on our phones and click away on social media, but a social media manager’s job is much more than looking at your friends’ vacation pics. 

Social media managers improve website traffic, optimizes brand awareness, and most importantly, convert online engagement into sales. 63% of shopping occasions begin online, and a lot of those sales owe it to efficient social media managers! 

Unlike traditional modes of advertisement (TV, print, radio), it’s a two-way interaction, which means it’s not just a billboard that tells you the who, what, whereof a product or service. It’s strategic engagement online that thinks in terms of relationships and friendships, instead of boring target demographics. 

How do Social Media Managers convert followers into sales?

A social media manager’s job is very diverse. Their skills range from data analytics to graphic design, content writing to YouTube strategy, and even psychology!

The first task of a social media manager is to implement a marketing strategy that complements the organizations’ vision. These strategies are often short-term, around 90 days because the algorithms on social media are constantly changing. 

They establish an optimal content schedule: how often and what time will your channels be posting? Or how often should you reply to comments? 

SocMed managers also think in terms of aesthetics and make sure that your social media platforms visually match your brand. Not only do they schedule it, but social media managers often also create the content. They update your Instagram photos, write captions, create infographics, video editing, graphic design, and incorporate SEO in all of them. 

What makes a great Social Media Manager?

Not gonna lie, even if someone already spends two-thirds of their time on social media, becoming an efficient SocMed manager has a very steep learning curve.

If there’s anything a social media manager will tell you, they’ll say it’s all about strategy, and the best strategy to apply is to one’s self: the strategy of learning! Reading articles every day, learning from experts in the field, and listening attentively to what the online market has to say. This distinguishes a good social media manager from a great one.  

– by Felipa Cheng

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