The Daily Tasks of a Social Media Manager (SMM)

A Social Media Manager’s daily job can be hectic and jam-packed with activities! If you’re wondering which daily tasks you should entrust to your social media manager, or SMM, here’s what a typical day looks like for them.


Social Media Management is a lot more than just posting on Facebook or replying to comments. SMMs have a wide range of skills and tasks to accomplish on a daily basis – they conceptualize content, engage with your followers, and monitor your profile’s activity. Here’s a very compressed list of their complex daily task list!


Reply, Comment, Engage

A social media manager makes sure your audiences are well attended to. Although you have social media engagers to respond to a bulk of your replies, comments, and or direct messages, SMMs are the brains behind it.


How should the engagers respond to messages? What tone of voice should they use? Is there any preferred vocabulary to be consistent with your brand’s personality? A social media manager assesses what it is your audience wants to see and hear and relays this to the rest of your team.

Brainstorm and strategize your content

Social Media Managers don’t just work with creatives to strategize content, they’re creatives themselves. A social media manager should know your audience like the back of their hand, and they should use this information when brainstorming content!


The SMM asks the big questions: what matters to our audience the most? They carefully strategize content that will make the most impact on your viewers, making the most out of your business platform. During the strategizing phase, an SMM can also set their goals and objectives for the year. 


Create and curate awesome content

Creative endeavors are perhaps the most important part of a social media manager’s job. A lot of people might overlook how significant creativity is for this job, and how much creative brain juice is used up when these managers get to work!


A social media manager creates images, takes photos, writes captions, and also curates fun images or gifs from the internet to use for your brand. 

Develop a content calendar

After a productive brainstorming session, a social media manager gets down and dirty with the spreadsheet for a content calendar! A content calendar contains everything that needs to be on your social media platforms. The photo, the caption, the hashtags, the date, and the time it needs to be posted. 


With a content calendar, a socmed manager never misses a beat. It keeps your platforms’ activity full proof, and you can easily go back to when it’s time to assess your account’s performance. 


A content calendar is the culmination of all the brainstorm and strategizing. It’s a social media manager’s best tool to maximize your online presence! 

Encourage your team to share content

A social media manager contacts the rest of your team and makes sure content is circulating across their social media. Having the rest of your team share content helps build a community for your business. It’s a lot easier to show the world how awesome your business is when people are sharing your content!


A social media manager is one of the most important roles for any business. Not only are they organized, quick-witted, and engaging, they’re also immensely creative! A social media manager has big shoes to fill in each business structure. Finding the right one has never been so easy with the help of Digital Offsider. Let us know how we can help your social media today! 




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