Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager from the PH

Social Media Manager from the PH | More and more small businesses are choosing to invest in a social media manager. They’re multi-skilled, organized and creative, which all adds up to the success of a social media platform. There’s a wide network of social media managers for hire, but here are 5 reasons why the Philippines is the top place to hire!


Excellent Command of English

English is actually one of the Philippines’ official languages. It is used at home as a second language and in official business and even government documents! English literature is introduced to them at school very early. Let’s face it, they probably know more Shakespeare than you! This gives them a great grasp of English grammar making communication with you and your audience easier.

This is an incredibly useful trait to have in the world of Social Media, as they’ll be creating writing captions for your posts, replying to comments, and sometimes doing voice-over work when needed. 


Good-natured and Charming Personalities

The Philippines is generally filled with warm-hearted and charming individuals. They’re polite, they get along with almost everybody, and they’re just downright cool. Maybe it’s because they’re surrounded by stunning beach views all year-round, but they’re a laid back group of people. However, this doesn’t affect their work ethic at all. Filipinos play hard but work harder, and their consistency and devotion to work really pay off in the world of social media.


Resourceful and Creative

Filipinos are some of the most creative and resourceful bunch. They can come up with elaborate social media campaigns on the spot while also encouraging feedback and criticism.

Many Social Media Managers have the ability to learn and master a wide array of tools and software for the efficiency of their work. Filipinos enjoy free creative tools like Canva and Lightworks to make their social media posts more creative, engaging, and of the highest quality.


Youthful and tech-savvy

The outsourcing demographic in the Philippines is mostly below 30 years old. They’re young and know their way around social media! However, managing social media isn’t just about posting content, it’s also about data analytics.

Social Media managers have a good eye for both qualitative and quantitative data analytics. They run through the numbers and create detailed social media campaigns to make sure your platform’s growth is consistent and successful!


Similar Time Zones

You probably know that Australia is only two hours ahead of the Philippines. This makes it incredibly convenient for you to manage communication. On the plus side, whenever your customers are awake and active, they probably will be too! It’s almost as if you hired locally – tiny time difference, huge savings!


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