5 Important Skills Your Social Media Manager Should Have

A good social media manager is multi-skilled, creative, and organized. It’s no question why so many small businesses are choosing to outsource this service. But because there is such a huge market to choose from, hiring one could be a hit and a miss. Here are 5 crucial skills you should look for in your next social media manager. 


Excellent Communication

Perhaps the most significant skill a social media manager, also known as SocMed Manager or simply SMM, should have is communication. The SocMed Manager must communicate well with you to fully understand the message and personality you want to communicate on your social media accounts. 


Social media is a communication platform. Anyone you trust to handle it must be equipped with excellent communication skills. They must be consistent with the tone and style of writing. and also identify what it is that catches the attention of your followers. 


Moreover, social media managers must also communicate with your creative team. Look for a SocMed Manager who can brainstorm with other creators, suggest innovative content, and facilitate the flow of discussion. This way, your social media will never run out of unique and engaging content. 

Adept Writing Skills

Though you shouldn’t expect your SMM to write long-form content, they should still be able to write competently. The captions should be strategically written, attention-grabbing, and fit your audience’s sensibilities. 


Good writing skills also allow them to enhance and utilize your brand’s voice, adding personality to your platforms. They can come up with engaging, witty captions that connect with your audience. 

Resourcefulness and Creativity

A chunk of a social media manager’s job is developing social campaigns that will drive more traffic and engagement to your platforms. A social media manager should be creative with their proposals, and the content that they plan to publish. 


Look for an SMM who is knowledgeable with different creative services like Canva or Lightworks so that your content is visually appealing and eye-catching. 

Outstanding Organization

Aside from creativity, your social media manager should also be proficient in the organization. There are many tools and software available online that your SMM can use to help them organize and arrange the needed content.


Having an efficient social media all boils down to two words: content calendar. A socmed manager who has the organizational skills to create a comprehensive calendar and consistently sticks to it is your best bet at social media success. They should be able to utilize software helpful to the organization, whether it be Excel spreadsheets or more other software like Notion or Trello

Data Analysis

Last but not least, your social media manager should be data-driven. Each campaign they wish to launch should be based on a detailed analysis of data. They should be able to create reasonable assessments based on end-of-the-month analytics and apply appropriate resolutions. As it turns out, social media is all about research! Good analysis of qualitative and quantitative data will allow your manager to come up with better ideas for your platforms. 


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