3 Sure Ways to Stick to your Marketing Plan

Now that you’ve completed your marketing plan, the next step is figuring out how to stick to it. Here’s what you need to do to keep your marketing plan on schedule! 


Create a comprehensive and up-to-date calendar

Creating a comprehensive and up-to-date calendar is setting up your plan for success. This way, you can have a bird’s eye view of tasks and deadlines. You can keep your team up to date and track their progress.

A comprehensive calendar must have major tasks broken down into smaller ones. It is very important to include deadlines as well, instead of a to-do list that can be put off indefinitely. Additionally, the calendar isn’t just for content publishing. Use the calendar for deadlines of your creative team, management, and the rest of your team. 

The calendar must also be up-to-date. This means your team should be responsible for keeping track of their tasks and updating them when it’s completed. This allows you a bird’s eye view of the progress for your teams and their sections. You can monitor this by subscribing to a management tool which we’ll talk about below!

Utilize an efficient management tool

There are many available tools for you to manage your team and their tasks. Software like Asana, Trello, and Notion have very flexible offers. Make sure to research what works for your team’s setup and budget. 

The most important, however, is that your team can use this app for their tasks and updating their progress. This is really helpful and allows you to monitor backlogs and who’s slacking behind or who’s getting things done!

However, make sure your team understands how you want them to use this. Otherwise, it won’t be as effective and it’s meant to be. Some might update their tasks, some not, and it can get even more difficult to track. Schedule seminars or link accessible tutorials so that you and your team are on the same page. 


Keep a database of info your team will need

By setting up databases for information, you are anticipating what your team needs. The initial set up might take some effort, but the convenience you’ll get is a real payoff! Be sure to have databases of information, contact lists, competitors, forms, letter templates, learning materials that are accessible for your whole team. 

You can store these in Google Drive, and you can even use your chosen Management tool to store links. It makes it easier for all of your team to access it any time they need it, instead of having files go back and forth between team members. 

Sticking to your marketing plan requires a lot of managerial skill. It takes just as much effort as creating your plan! Digital Offsider has very skilled Virtual Assistants who can see through your marketing plan from conceptualization to sticking to it and making the most out of your marketing investments. 

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