20 Tasks You Can Outsource to Your Virtual Assistants!

A lot of the time, business owners who hire Virtual Assistants end up not utilizing them properly. They don’t really know what to expect from them, or what jobs to give them at all. DO has listed down some tasks you can trust your VA to do. Here’s how your VA can make the most out of your time and money!


Administrative Tasks

One of the first things people think of when they hear Virtual Assistants is administration. An Administrative Assistant is a type of VA who helps you with efficient admin work. Take a look at this list and see whether you need help in these areas. If so, getting a specific Administrative VA might be of most use to your business!


  • Email management and Sending follow-up emails to clients
  • Calendar management and booking organization
  • Set up online platforms like Mailchimp, Newsletter, and Aweber
  • Book and schedule appointments with clients
  • Data entry and managing your databases – contact list CRM, potential leads, sources, audits
  • Record minutes of the meeting and transcribe video and audio content
  • Organize product pricing
  • Send quotations and sorting invoices



Social Media Tasks

If you think managing social media is taking up too much of your time, a Social Media Virtual Assistant might be what you need. These Virtual Assistants can set up, arrange, and manage your social media accounts. Here are some tasks to give to your Social media VA

    • Set up major communication accounts like Google and LinkedIn
    • Publish your blogs via WordPress or other similar platforms
    • Manage and monitor analytics from your website
    • Filter and reply to comments on your blogs
    • Maintain your social media accounts by replying to comments, answering messages, and constantly uploading content
    • Mirror your posts across your social media accounts
    • Send out newsletters and updates


Virtual Marketing Tasks

A lot of business owners tend to confuse virtual marketing and social media management. Although the two are closely related, the jobs they do are very different. Social Media is more of setting up and maintaining your accounts. Virtual marketing is more conceptualization, strategizing, and research.

  • Conducting keyword research
  • Creating and running AdWord campaigns
  • Identifying and follow up on new leads in your niche
  • Search Engine Optimization for your blog and social media
  • Create a content calendar and delegate to the Marketing team



If you feel that you need a little bit of all tasks, a General Virtual Assistant can help you with most of the tasks you need them to do. Each business needs something different. It’s crucial that you clarify to your VA which tasks they need to do. That’s why Digital Offsider asks business owners which areas in the business they struggle with, then finding the VA with skills appropriate for their business.


Lastly, VAs aren’t mind-readers! You shouldn’t assume that they know everything about your business. Sometimes, VAs may not be familiar with a platform or a system that you use. However, do expect that your VA will pick up new skills quickly. VA’s are trained to be fast learners and are more than willing to learn and adapt to new tools! 

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