Content vs. Copywriting: which one do I need?

Utilizing content and copywriting for your business can really help in building a trustworthy brand. These two art forms necessarily go hand in hand, and often even overlap each other.

Have you ever walked away from a salesman that’s just too…eager to sell you something? They say “overselling” is much the same as being “sleazy,” and no person is going to buy from a brand they don’t trust. So we’ve laid out some info and tips on how you can use content and copywriting for your business!

Content vs. Copywriting

Both content and copywriters need a good mix of words, storytelling, and creativity; and when done right, the combination of the two can increase your revenue and sales. But to be clear, the major difference between the two forms lies in its purpose. 

Copy is written specifically to guide a user with their buying experience.

Content is written to increase audience engagement for brand loyalty and recall.

Copywriters usually write for advertisements (online and offline), slogans, taglines, commercial scripts, web page content, press releases, catalogs, billboards, and brochures. While content writers focus on blog posts, newspaper and magazine articles, email newsletters, e-books or actual books, social media posts and captions, and even podcasts and video scripts. 

But don’t get me wrong, the two may have different purposes, but the end goal for both is the same – to help your business grow and strengthen the trust of your audience. 

As mentioned, great content and well-written copy have to work hand in hand for it to work. In order for people to click on your site and read your content, you need a well-written copy to encourage them to do so. And without great content, having copy that tells them to buy this and that, is just like having an over-the-top salesman selling items without worth. 

How can I apply it to my business?

You have a couple of options on how to utilize it best for your business. You can either hire trained professionals to write your copy and content to make sure everything goes smoothly. But if you’re a start-up and you don’t really have a budget to hire more people, I guarantee that you can start off by yourself or with your close team. 

For a copy, the best way to write it is, to be honest, straightforward, and really tell people what you are offering them in exchange for their patronage. If you’re writing an ‘about page’ for your website, be honest and tell them what your business really is, what it stands for, and what you can give them. Adding a little history about your business can also be very helpful. 

In terms of content, these are lengthier and require more frequency. If your business is something you are knowledgeable about, you can write about your expertise, and share your knowledge through blog posts, or even on Facebook! You can create how-to tutorials or share some of your thoughts in your industry. It depends on you how often you want to publish content, but the more great content you put out, the easier it is for your audience to engage.

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