Web Developer: How to hire a good one?

Hiring a good and adaptive web developer is one of the key things you need in order to get your business up and running on the interwebs. Hiring someone ineffective could mean losing a lot of money for you, and low satisfaction from your customers. 


What is a web developer and what do they do?

A web developer is someone who takes web design, functions, and features and turns it into a working website.

A web dev will usually work with a web designer – someone who designs what your website will look like. The web developer will then translate this design into lines and lines of code for the computer.

It’s all a very difficult and laborious process. To develop a website, you need buttloads of skill and patience. Of course, we have programs like WordPress and Wix where you can DIY your own website. But there’s still a lot of technical bits and integrations and all that techy whatnot especially if you are building a website for e-commerce transactions.

At its core, a web developer presents your products and services to the online marketplace. 


Types of web developers

Because web development is such an elaborate job, there are many kinds that specialize in certain aspects of your website. The front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers.

Front-end developers are in charge of the part of the website that people see and interact with. So this is your web interface, people can click on menus, items, and products info.

The back-end developers are those who do the work for website loads, runs, integration of payment methods.

While full-stack developers can do a little bit of both. It’d be very handy to have a full-stack developer for re-building or improving an already existing website. Or create a new one that doesn’t require anything too sophisticated. If you’re a small business starting up online, finding a full-stack developer with the right skills and the right attitude is what we highly recommend.


How do I know I’m hiring the right web developer?

So now you know the “type” of web developer you’re going for, here are some tips to avoid an ineffective web developer.

    1. Take a look at their portfolio. An experienced web developer might have more than a couple up their sleeve, and you can see the quality of work they’re able to put out.
    2. Consider their personality. Web developers have more or less the same skill set, but they have very different personalities. Some web developers like to be given a definitive set of instructions and do just that, some like to be constantly making suggestions for improvement. 
  • Pricing. Of course, our resources aren’t unlimited, and it’s very important to find a web developer within our price range. There’s a great roster of affordable web devs on the internet, but why look any further when you’re already here?


Digital Offsider actually has some pretty amazing web developers (surprise!), and we’ve already done the task of looking for only the great ones. All you need to do is give us a message and we’ll match you to the web developer you need. With our website development package, you also get a bonus of 10 days of technical support after site completion!

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