E-Commerce Website: 12 Essentials For Your Business

It can be overwhelming to navigate the in and outs of building an e-commerce website, but worry not! Digital Offsider will help you break down the 12 essential e-commerce website features we employ in our work with our clients.


  1. Visual brand showcase 

Every aspect of your website should visually reflect your brand personality. From the landing page and the banner to the favicon and navigation tab to the product and checkout pages—they must all have the color scheme, logo, typeface, etc. of your brand. This reinforces your unique brand personality to your customers.


  1. Featured products 

This section may also contain new products you intend to showcase, recommendations based on customers’ history, or best-selling items. This feature boosts your products’ sales and promotes those that you want to introduce to your customers.


  1. Search & navbar

A search bar is not only an essential e-commerce website feature but also an essential feature for any kind of website. It allows your visitors to find what they’re looking for in a jiffy.


  1. Customer login and account page

You can’t have an e-commerce website without a customer login page. This will be their personalized nook in your website, so take special care to ensure that they are fully functional, user-friendly, and aesthetically clean.


  1. Shopping cart and checkout page

Likewise, these two e-commerce website features are essential components of any online endeavor.


  1. FAQs

This page breaks down chunks of information into bite-sized pieces. Moreover, it offsets unnecessary inquiries from customers that could flood your inbox.


  1. Product page

This page contains all the relevant information about the products you’re selling. Item name. Detailed description. Images. Variants. Price and discounts. Purchase quantity. Customer reviews. Shipping information. Related and relevant products. Consider this page the star of your e-commerce website.


  1. Blog

Incorporating blogs into your e-commerce website has become more of a necessity in recent times. It allows your customers to have a more in-depth look into the products and services that you offer and in the process a closer look at your brand as a whole. A blog adds a touch of humanity to your business while at the same time promotes your products.


  1. Links to your social media accounts

Think of your e-commerce website as a unit. It doesn’t start and end with the website. It works synergistically with all of your social media platforms, which in turn creates a more solid online presence.


  1. Customer support page

This is one of the most important features of your website. There should always be a means for your customers to get in touch with you. 


  1. About us

This is an essential part of your e-commerce website because it gives you the chance to introduce yourself to your customers. It showcases your history, your ethos, your brand’s vision, and mission. About us pages increase your brand value by giving your audience a chance to care about you.


  1. Terms & conditions, privacy policy, sitemap

Basically the fine print for your business…mostly to save your a**.

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