Filipino Social Media Manager: Why do you need one?

Hiring a social media manager means finding someone who has a technical, strategic, and creative approach to really convert your online presence to sales. So in case you haven’t got the memo, social media management isn’t that easy! 

What a social media manager can do for you

Social Media Managers should know the art of strategizing and executing social media content. That includes photos, captions, SEO, and schedule of posting.

For example, in Digital Offsider, we’re set to build you a weekly content strategy that features your brand’s personality, all your services, engaging content, and just some fun things to share with your audience!

Not only does this constantly make you visible to followers and potential ones. It also creates a solid connection and a trustworthy relationship.

So do I need to hire one? You absolutely can. In fact, we’ve even got some suggestions as to who you should hire as your social media manager!

Filipino Social Media Managers

For Social Media Managers, Filipinos are our best bet.

Outsourcing is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Philippines – and for good reason! And no, the main reason isn’t the 60% cost savings (that’s a big plus though).

Advanced English Fluency

English is actually one of the Philippines’ official languages! So you won’t have to worry about a “lost in translation” kind of scenario because there won’t be any translating involved! 

Filipinos are also great at collaboration and aren’t very aggressive. You can make sure you’re still calling the shots in your business, while also receiving insightful suggestions from your Social Media Manager. 

Technologically Adept

Filipinos have great access to technology and are very adept at utilizing online platforms. They’re also very keen on learning new tools, so you can implement new systems or ask them to learn the ones you’re already using without any worry. 

They’re also very flexible when it comes to tasks, and you can ask for assistance on certain technological aspects of your business you might not understand yourself. 

Culturally Aware

Filipinos love to expose themselves to all sorts of cultures! You won’t have to worry about cultures clashing, because they’re very hospitable and welcoming. 

They understand that the team is a family, and want to make sure everything works smoothly and everyone is satisfied. They are also very skilled at adapting to what your audience wants to see. 

And yes, they get ALL the cultural references. 

How do I hire one? 

Digital Offsider has a roster of amazing, skilled, and creative social media managers. So at this point, hiring is the easy part! 

We’ll match you up with the social media manager that matches your business, brand, and your personality to make sure you all get along. Regardless, all our social media managers are going to make sure you’re making the most out of your social media channels. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions or details you’ve got! 

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