How to Generate Leads from Email Marketing

The best way to generate leads from email marketing is a lot easier than you think. Businesses have been using it and will continue to do so for a long time. On average, 121 business emails are sent and received each day – that’s a lot! Read on for some tips to stand out from the overcrowded inbox!

Penetrate the Inbox

Before anything else, businesses should understand why email remains relevant. It’s a powerful business tool, and many businesses and individuals rely on their emails for information and content. Don’t let emails’ outdated interface fool you! While social media advertisements have a 1% conversion rate, email marketing has a conversation rate of 2.3%. That’s more than a hundred percent more sales from email than social media. 

So the first thing you have to do is set up a newsletter, collect emails, and get into their inboxes! 

How to Generate More Leads from Email

  • Keep it Personal

Recipients are more likely to open emails if its sender has a real name!  Make sure to choose a sender’s name instead of your company name. It’s much more enticing to open an email from Shirley Strayed, Marketing Head than EM Management Corporation.

Also, if you can, address the recipient by their first name, instead of a generic “Hello, recipient.” It’s always better to think you’re receiving emails from a person rather than a robot. But that’s a different story. 

  • Know what they want and give it to them

Your offer must have a clear subject line and a concise CTA. If your subject line says they’re getting a free ebook, they better be getting a free ebook. Your reader should know what to expect the moment they open up your email. However, you should also test out which keywords or phrases your prospects, and customers respond to more. 

  • Optimize your landing page

Once a recipient clicks on your email, they better get what they expected to. Take them to a fully-optimized landing page where what they see is what they get. Try not to add anything irrelevant to your offer, instead guide them properly to receive the offer. 

  • Don’t be clingy!

Only send the most relevant content! Our inboxes are filled with 45% of spam in a single day, and you don’t want to add to that number. Choose only the best offers and use well-written calls to action. Not only that, provide them with exclusive information that isn’t on your blogs or social media.

  • Test your content on social media

You can test out elements of an offer on social media to see which your readers will respond to more. Which keywords, phrases or language resonates best with your audience? Check to see which kinds of posts have the most positive react or shares on your Facebook page. You can also use Twitter to test out subject lines. Say you’re offering your ebook to your readers. Your first tweet would be “Get our free ebook now on Digital Marketing Basics” or would they respond more to “Don’t know where to start on marketing your business? Download our free ebook now.” Track which ones get more click-throughs and use that for your email subject line. 

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