Outsourcing PH: Top 5 Reasons Why Australians Outsource to the Philippines

Outsourcing PH | Outsourcing is a great tool for any business that wants to maximize its operations and profit. It reduces cost, increases sustainability, while still providing a high quality of work. The Philippines is one of the prime locations that small businesses in Australia outsource their workers. Read on to find out why!


Reduced cost, increased efficiency

The cost of living in the Philippines (PH) is a lot lower than in Australia (with an exchange rate of 1AUD to 38PHP). That means lower costs for you without feeling the guilt of exploitation. Standard rates for outsourced Filipino workers allow them access to a comfortable lifestyle.


You also won’t have to worry about overhead costs, legal matters, employee benefits, and all the attached fees when you hire in-house. An outsourced employee essentially does the same tasks for a whole lot less cost!

No language barriers!

One of the Philippines’ official languages is English. They use English in everyday conversations, in official business and government documents, and in educational resources. They can literally talk the talk! Compared to other countries that outsource like India and Korea, the Philippines has a neutral English accent which makes communicating a lot easier. 


Pro outsourcing tip: Looking for content and copywriters to boost your website’s SEO? Aside from excellent verbal skills, Filipinos are also great writers! It is because they’re exposed to English writing since pre-school making them a very reliable source for content writers.


Young and tech-savvy demographic

The median age in the Philippines is 25 years old, there’s a great market of young and enthusiastic individuals ready to learn and commit to work! They know how to access a multitude of resources, learn new technology and software, and adapt to different work cultures.


5 out of 8 of the Philippines outsourcing industry are aged below 30 years old and most are well-versed in social media tools and strategies. Hiring a social media manager from the Philippines might just be your saving grace.


Similar time zones

Australia is only two hours ahead of the Philippines. No more groggy outsourced employees who sound like they need some shut-eye ASAP.


Distance between you and your outsource team might need some significant adjustments to the way you communicate. A similar time zone can help tremendously in the quality and frequency of communication.


Laidback attitude, first-rate work ethic

Known for their laid-back attitude the Filipinos pride themselves with the country composed of thousands of islands, surrounding itself with beautiful beaches year-round. They’ve got some great surfing spots too, sound familiar? It’s a lot easier to work with people who know how to chill (goodbye irritable, uptight nerds)! Don’t get us wrong though. They play hard but work harder. 


The outsourcing industry in the Philippines is worth at least USD 55 billion in revenue in 2020, and this industry is expected to fulfill 15% of the global outsourcing industry.


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