5 Reasons to Hire Content Writers from the Philippines

Hire Content Writers | The Philippines is one of the prime locations for outsourcing IT, Customer Service, and Virtual Assistants. But the Philippines also stands as a strong competitor for content writing. Its writers are young, well-articulate, and flexible with any type of writing making them the best content creators. Find out what makes Filipinos the best writers!

Excellent English Proficiency & Education

English is one of the Philippines’ official languages. Many Filipinos use English as their second language, using it casually at home and with friends. Their educational system also exposes young students to a wide variety of English literature and culture. This makes them a very competitive source for writers since they’re able to capture an international quality of writing.

Moreover, the Philippines also has a 91.6% in 2019 functional literacy rate as education is one of the country’s priorities. This gives them the research skills needed to write about any topic you need them to.


Young and vibrant demographic

The majority of the Philippine outsource workforce is below 30. This gives you access to a great market of young, trendy, and culturally relevant writers. The Philippine youth are active on social media, have access to the newest technology and other media platforms. Their youthful nature makes them eager to learn and explore new writing styles to fit your brand. 


 Culturally Sensitive

The Philippines is exposed to a wide array of international cultures. They’re inclined to a more urban and liberal mindset, making sure that their content is culturally appropriate for their audience. They adapt easily to new cultures and enjoy discovering new ways to refine communication with your readers. 


Reduces cost

The average cost for Filipino content writers is AUD 20 for 300 words, making their price range very competitive as compared to hiring from other countries or locally. However, this doesn’t mean you cheap out on quality! Filipino writers are skilled, creative, and diligent with their work, and that’s a Digital Offsider guarantee!


Increased quality of content

Your website demands excellent content, and a skilled, creative content writer can do that for you. Build a site with relevant and high-quality content with experienced writers from Digital Offsider. Moreover, having amazing content is the most important thing to have when building your website or social media. It makes your business look more official and you can impart useful knowledge to your visitors.


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