SEO Strategy: The details you need for your business

An SEO strategy is something every small business should accomplish. This is especially important before implementing any SEO practice or techniques. This way, you won’t be wasting time nor resources going back and forth on what works and what doesn’t! When unsure, plan ahead!


What is an SEO strategy?
The SEO strategy, or the SEO approach, is the most critical piece of the SEO process of your business. This is the plan that outlines the best implementation of SEO that will achieve your business goals. The SEO strategy is the plan that you and your team follow so that you can get more organic traffic and more sales conversion. 


When you’re planning your SEO strategy, you’re not just planning for your website or your blog. You’re planning the whole process for your team. Your SEO manager, your social media manager, web developer, and copywriters, etc.


Your whole team needs to be a part of your SEO strategy, and everyone should do their part in implementing it. Otherwise, it won’t be as effective. You can’t have SEO-equipped blogs but your social media posts don’t! You wouldn’t want your shoe to only cover 8 toes!


What should I include in my strategy?

There are many things that can be included in the SEO strategy, but chances are, you already have most of them and you just need to put them down on pen and paper (or keyboard and computer?). Here are some of the things you need to have in your strategy. Having a detailed yet concise strategy will help your team identify problems and solutions they might face along the way. 


  • Your target audience 

We know this might sound redundant, but you always have to know who you’re selling to. They’re the most important after all, and they’re the ones you have to please! 

  • Your competitors

Always great to identify your competition and see you compare against them. Ask yourselves, are you the “better” or “worse” in the eyes of the consumer? What are they doing for their SEO strategy, and is there anything you can add or do better?

  • Your top three priorities and goals to be achieved by your SEO strategy

    • There are many goals to choose from but make sure to be as specific as possible. Otherwise, you won’t see how well you’re doing. Try things like “increasing organic traffic onto your website by 10%” “generate more leads from social media ads” “post two regular blogs in a week.”
  • Your project plan, problems, solutions, and timeline

The project plan is usually the meatiest part of the SEO strategy, it has all your problems, projected solutions, and specific tasks assigned to specific people in your team. The key to this is listing down general problems first like “poor website traffic” and then getting specific into tasks your team can do to address it. Make sure to be as specific as possible, and assign it to a person right away. 

When done, represent your plan on a timeline, so that everyone stays on track. 


We know, it’s quite a lot. But we swear by these basics and know that accomplishing it can only do good for your business. The SEO strategy is the process, and it’s detrimental to your business. 


When in doubt, all you have to do is ask! Digital Offsider has pretty much mastered the art of SEO (and adapting to its ever-changing needs). Check out more of our blogs for helpful business content, or give us a chat on the chatbox below!

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