Virtual Assistants for Accountants in Perth: Top Reasons to Hire

Virtual assistants for accountants are in demand now more than ever. With the job market shifting online, accountants are taking a step further to conquer the digital world. Here are some of the few reasons why virtual assistants are necessary for Perth accountants to grow their careers.

Virtual Assistants can help build your career online

Virtual Assistants for accountants are well-versed in the digital world. This is the number one reason why accountants seek the help of VAs.


New online trends, social media features, SEO, and complicated internet analytics are just a few of the aspects to learn when building a career online. 


A virtual assistant can help establish a foothold on your service through the following: 

  • social media management
  • email marketing
  • strategic online advertisements,  and in some cases,
  • content creation/curation. 


As an accountant, it’s imperative that you embrace social media to advance your career. Not only will you gain followers and build a network, but it can also direct more traffic to your website and meet potential clients. 

VAs can build and maintain your website

A website gives your client 24/7 access to important information about your service. It establishes a unique brand for you and sets you aside from competitors. Moreover, a complete website exudes professionalism and trustworthiness. 


Virtual assistants for accountants can help kickstart your website and maintain it. Here are some ways your VA can assist in your website: 

  • Implement an effective SEO strategy
  • Create or curate optimized and compelling content
  • Secure the safety of your website 
  • Prepare it for easy e-commerce transactions


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Get more clients online through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best places a professional should invest in. This excellent social media platform will allow you to share your professional skills, credentials, expertise, and accolades in an easy-to-read format. 


Accountants can use LinkedIn to expand their network, build relationships, find new leads and referrals, and establish trustworthiness. But it’s also a tool that requires efficient administration to be successful in finding new clients.


VAs have sufficient training in using LinkedIn to find leads, referrals, and clients. LinkedIn has a lot of complicated and (hidden) features that can be difficult to learn and navigate. VAs can create a professional and attention-grabbing LinkedIn profile to attract more clients. They can also conduct networking initiatives that will strengthen your connections and referrals. 

Data entry, calendar management, and busywork

As an accountant, you devote a lot of time and effort to keeping your client’s books neat and accurate. Virtual Assistants for accountants can pull aside the busy work that’s cutting into your real work.


VAs can act as your secretary by accomplishing tasks such as data entry, an organized customer and referral database, a systemized work calendar, and email management. They can also schedule meetings, conduct research, and perform client outreach tasks. 


Digital Offsider offers professional outsourcing solutions to the Perth accountant. Contact us today and get in touch with a virtual assistant who has years of experience working with accountants. 

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